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King's, this was the number that forced the waiter to put down his pad and begin cheering wildly as Franklin completed the strenuous exercise of beauty. A fan yelled out a request when the applause subsided. What a Difference a Day Makes! I'm telling you, Aretha said, shaking her head, and wiping sweat from her eyes. It was about 100 degrees on stage. Tomorrow I'll be horizontal! She finished then with Make Them Hear You, a song about the civil rights movement from the musical Ragtime that she's never recorded, but should as soon as (It's so moving, I'd be surprised if the Democratic National Convention doesn't ask her to sing this for them in Boston.) Like Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come, this is a swooping, unsentimental anthem, with none of the fakery of a Diane Warren faux lament, but some very real emotions that Aretha who marched with Dr. King obviously feels down deep. And what about the voice So many people louis vuitton neverfull have asked me about it since Friday night. Can she still sing Has her weight affected her voice I'm telling you now, the answers are yes louis vuitton bags to the first and no to the second. Her voice is richer and deeper now, but her range is unaffected by time. On Friday night, sitting literally against a small speaker, I got to hear the real unadorned Aretha. Every bit of her textured, soothing contralto blossomed like a slowly opening rose. When it was over, she moseyed off the stage. Would there be an encore One of her assistants ran on stage and grabbed the Louis Vuitton bag from under the piano. That was it. Some people paid more than $100 a minute to hear Aretha Franklin louis vuitton neverfull sing on Friday night. I didn't hear one of them complain when the show was over. All you saw were smiles. Backstage, the Queen of Soul accepted a lucky few into her tiny dressing room, heated like a sauna about 20 degrees warmer than louis vuitton handbags the stage. I'm singing the national anthem in Times Square tomorrow, said the living legend, then I'm on vacation in Southampton. She took pictures with some fans, hugged Ertegun and then disappeared into the night, louis vuitton purse her legend intact.Argentina Enjoys Andes Advantage With Malbec Argentina's wine exports to the United States have risen dramatically, from 15.6 million bottles in 2002 to 52.8 million last year, according to the May issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine. Most of that increase has been malbec. Malbec is one of the five major red grapes of Bordeaux, typically blended in small amounts for its louis vuitton speedy 30 deep color and soft texture. It forms the backbone of the black wine of Cahors in southwestern France (with the pseudonym auxerrois) and appears occasionally in the Loire Valley under the alias cot. But it makes its name in Argentina, which has claimed it as its signature grape. Value. Simple economics are in play here. Land, labor and raw materials are cheap in Argentina. retail shelves. Quality. Argentine malbecs taste up, meaning they seem more expensive than they are. An $8 malbec from Argentina will often compete favorably with Cotes du Rhone or California cabernets and merlots at twice the price. Quality is high across different styles, from juicy crowd pleasers made entirely in stainless steel to broadshouldered, lavishly oaked wines that offer richness and nuance.