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COANDA Curb Inlet Filter
The Benefits of a Curb Inlet Filter:
  1. Self-cleaning stainless steel Coanda Screen
  2. Captures debris, nutrients, heavy metals, and other pollutants
  3. Handles fast moving water without plugging
  4. Captured debris remains dry.
Question: How do you greatly reduce the high cost of maintenance associated with cleaning curb inlet filters?

Answer: Increase the efficiency of entrained solids-removal from the bulk influent and the solids-holding capacity of the vault...reducing the number of cleanings required per year.

A two-step filtration process with an optional third step:

Step 1 - The stainless steel Coanda Screen, with high velocity capacity, instantly separates solids from the water so efficiently it is essentially self-cleaning and requires no maintenance.

Step 2 - The vertical Debris Fence, also made of stainless steel, allows captured debris to drain, but retains captured debris.

Optional Step 3 - The optional trough-mounted sorbent pads such as Rubberizer, X-Tex, Mycelex, and other sorbents...used to reduce BOD, TSS, Zinc, COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Bacteria, or Hydrocarbons.

Demo Unit

Actual Installation