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COANDA Downspout Filter
The patented COANDA Downspout is a stainless steel tilted wedge wire filter encased in a rugged, water-tight housing. Unlike conventional filtering devices such as bags, nets, wire screens, debris fences, and storm water clarifiers, the COANDA Downspout is designed specifically to handle high velocity, high volume flow rates associated with rapidly concentrated peak flows coming from all types of rooftops. The COANDA Downspout is self-cleaning and non-clogging with no moving parts. It rarely needs servicing but is easily accessible whenever necessary.

Exterior housings are available in fiberglass or stainless steel. Installation is quick and easy using rubber unions clamped to the inlet and outlet. The Downspout is mechanically bolted to the wall or structural support via supplied mounting brackets. Units can be configured to meet specialized mounting configurations, such as through-the-wall access, left or right mounting, and available in a variety of finishes.

Additional secondary treatment devices such as micro-filtration pads, disinfection media, and absorbents, are available as specified.

Product Literature:
 COANDA Downspout Brochure